Graham Regional Medical Center

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful occupations.

Occupation is defined as an “active process of living: from the beginning to the end of life, occupations are all the active processes of looking after ourselves and others, enjoying life, and being socially and economically productive over the lifespan and in various contexts.”

These include (but are not limited to) work, leisure, self-care, domestic and community activities. Occupational therapists work with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations to facilitate health and well-being through engagement in occupation.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy assists the patient in overcoming the disabling effects of injury or illness primarily by exercise and movement, and also with the assistance of heat, cold, and electrical stimulation.

Physical therapy identifies and maximizes quality of life and movement potential through promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

It involves the interaction between physical therapist (PT), patients/clients, other health professionals, families, caregivers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed, and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physical therapists. Physical therapy is performed by either a physical therapist (PT) or an assistant (PTA) acting under their direction.

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