Graham Regional Medical Center

Serving patients on an outpatient basis for infusion therapy

  • Antibiotics
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Migraine Therapy
  • Fluid Replacement/Hydration
  • Iron, Magnesium, and Electrolyte Therapy
  • Antibiotic Troughs and Lab available as needed
  • PICC Lines, IVs, and Mid Line care (initiation, flush, and removal)

Located near the acute care unit and served by experienced nurses

  • Comfortable Lounge Chairs or Hospital Bed if needed
  • Televisions
  • Restroom
  • Wi-Fi available

Operated for times of convenience of patient

  • Can schedule for patient’s convenience
  • Able to do AM and PM infusions

Schedule Through Central Scheduling

  • Phone: 940-521-5375
  • Fax: 940-521-5166

After Hours Call Acute Care Nursing Station

  • Phone: 940-521-5400
  • Fax: 940-521-5157