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What you need to know about General Surgery

"General Surgeons are the front-line Surgeons" 

Take the step forward to listen to your body. The body gives you signs and warnings when your health is in need of medical care. Let Dr. Vaughan's Surgery Clinic be part of your journey!

Image of Dr. Steven Vaughn

Dr. Vaughan has 26 years of general surgery experience including breast and colorectal surgery. He graduated from Arizona University Medical School in 1996 and surgical residency from Texas Tech University Health & Science Center in 2001.

Procedures he performs:

  • Colonoscopy 
  • Hernia Repair 
  • Gall bladder removal
  • Specializes in Breast & Colorectal Surgery 
  • Skin Conditions / Masses 
  • Upper Endoscopy 
  • Orbera Balloon 
  • Appendectomy 

Graham Reginal Medical Center's Surgery Clinic is open and accepting new patients.
For more information, please call Dr. Vaughan's office at 940-521-5288
Fax: 940-521-5289

Office Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8am-5pm