Graham Regional Medical Center

Please help us in protecting you, our patients, and staff from COVID-19 by adhering to our visitor policy. For the health of our patients, our community and you, the following visitor restrictions are currently in place at GRMC:

  • Visits are limited to healthy individuals only (ages 13 and older) from the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Hospice patients are not limited on visitations
  • COVID patients are allowed 1 visitor from 1:00PM to 3:00PM
  • Patients may be called by dialing 521-5 followed by their room number
  • Patient Information Guide

We appreciate your understanding and assistance

Front Lobby Entrance Hours:

Monday to Friday: 6 AM To 6 PM

Weekends: Front Lobby Entrance Closed

Infection Prevention

If you are in isolation, we are aware that this may be a difficult time for you and your family and we want to let you know
that we are here to help you through this process. This information is to let you know that you are important to us and we
encourage you to let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding your Isolation Precautions.

There are 3 categories of Isolation

  • Airborne Precautions help prevent the transmission of diseases that are spread through the air.
  • Respiratory Precautions help prevent diseases that are spread by sneezes and coughs.
  • Contact Precautions help prevent the transmission of infections from skin, wounds or body fluids.

Miscellaneous information about Isolation

  • When a patient is placed in isolation, a private room is used.
  • Visitors must wear special clothing to protect them and the patient.
  • Visitors may check with the nurse’s station if they do not understand the type of isolation the patient is in and what to do.
  • Your patient door will be closed at all times.
  • If you leave your room for an x-ray or diagnostic procedure, your nurse will help you with all your isolation needs.

Patient Rooms

Visitation Hours in most units are allowed from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. Visitors should be free of contagious infections, such as runny noses, fever, etc.

Telephone Service

Telephones are located in each room for your use.

Food Services

You may contact the nursing station to arrange a meal. We provide healthy and flavorful meals for our patients, and a variety of appetizing selections for our visitors. A selection of hot entrees and vegetables are offered and selections from the grill. The hospital cafeteria is open between the hours of 11:30AM to 1:30PM

Hot and cold breakfast items are available between 6:30AM and 9:30AM. In addition, snacks and cold beverages are always available from the vending machines. We also provide FREE of charge coffee and tea. You will be pleasantly surprised at our competitive prices and are welcome to dine here even if you are not visiting a patient!  Cash and credit cards accepted. 

Vending Machines

Vending machines for snacks and sodas are located in the hospital cafeteria.

Personal Items

Graham Regional Medical Center cannot accept responsibility for the loss of currency or articles of value that you wish to keep in your room. We urge you to send these items home. If this is not possible, please ask your nurse to secure your valuables.

Please inform your nurse if you have dentures or contact lenses. A special container for dentures is available for your convenience. In the event of an emergency admission, valuables can be placed in a secured area, where they will be kept until your dismissal.


Due to legal and patient safety issues, all medications that you receive during your hospital stay must be dispensed through the hospital pharmacy and administered by a nurse. Medications that you bring with you should, after review by the admitting nurse, be sent home.

Spiritual and Support Services

Graham Regional Medical Center has a chaplain on duty available at your request; however, if you would like a visit from a member of the clergy of your church, please let the admitting clerk know and this will be arranged. A non-denominational chapel is available for your use. It is located across the hall from the cafeteria.

For Your Safety

Graham Regional Medical Center is a tobacco-free campus to assist in providing comfort, well-being and safety of the patients, visitors and staff. It is a violation of Federal Law to smoke in a hospital. Please help us create a healthy environment by refraining from using tobacco on hospital grounds.

Fire drills are held randomly to assure maximum efficiency in a fire emergency. If such a drill should occur while you are a patient, please do not become alarmed. These drills are for your protection and that of our staff.

ID Badges

At GRMC, all employees and volunteers are required to wear picture identification badges to insure easy identification. Question any caregiver who is not wearing an ID badge.


Two parking lots are available for use by our patients and their visitors. The main parking area is directly north of the medical center and can be accessed from East Street. This lot is most convenient for emergency department, surgical, and radiology patients and their visitors.

The second parking area is most convenient for visitors visiting patients in the hospital. The walk to the patient rooms is much shorter from this parking lot. It is on the southwest corner of the campus and can be accessed from Montgomery Street past the clinics on the right.