Graham Regional Medical Center
Image of Wyatt Pettus

Wyatt Pettus

Image of Donald Behr, M.D.

Dr. Donald Behr
Vice President

Image of Terry Bishop

Terry Bishop
Finance Committee Chairman

Suzy Graham board member

Suzy Graham 

Jon Garvey board member

Jon Garvey 

Sylvia Overton board member

Sylvia Overton

Barrie Strickland board member

Barrie Strickland

Graham Regional Medical Center is a Hospital District and a political subdivision of the State of Texas governed by a board of directors with the following elected members:

  • Wyatt Pettus, President – term expires May 2026
  • Dr. Donald Behr, Vice President – term expires May 2024
  • Terry Bishop, Finance Committee Chairman – term expires May 2024
  • Sylvia Overton – term expires May 2026
  • Jon Garvey – term expires May 2024
  • Suzy Graham – term expires May 2026
  • Barrie Strickland – term expires May 2024

The next election will be in May 4, 2024

Requirements and Deadline for Filing

  • Candidate must be a resident of the Graham Hospital District
  • Candidate must be a registered voter
  • An Employee of the Graham Hospital District may not serve as a director
  • Candidate must complete the Application for a Place on the Ballot for the May 4, 2024, election beginning January 17, 2024, through Feburary 16, 2024. Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. 
  • Candidate must submit the completed application to the Secretary of the Board of Directors at 1301 Montgomery Road, Graham, Texas, in the Administration Office. It may also be emailed to or faxed to 940-521-5156.

Political Subdivision Contact Information

Graham Hospital District d/b/a Graham Regional Medical Center

Tammy Whittenburg, Secretary, Graham Hospital District Board of Directors
1301 Montgomery Road, Graham, TX 76450


Public Notices