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Hospice Care

Home Health provides a wide range of healthcare services to patients in their own homes. Services are available to individuals and their families on behalf of the patient with acute illness, long term health conditions, permanent disability or terminal illness.

Hospice Care provides home services to patients in the final stages of advanced cancer or other terminal diseases. Instead of hospitalizing these patients, hospice care supports family members to be primary caregivers, allowing patients to spend their final days in the familiar surroundings of the home environment.

Some patients who are unable to stay in their own home may receive hospice care in an extended care facility. The hospice team also provides counseling and other assistance to patients and family members.

Questions or Comments?

If you would like to volunteer, or have general questions, please feel free to contact Shelly Walls, director of home health/hospice care, at 940-521-2672.

Phone 940-549-2672

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